Back Office Staffing

Back Office Staffing in Truckee and Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Individuals and Businesses have a new resource for all their office support needs! TahoeOffice, a division of TahoeStaff, offers a rull range of back-office services to individuals, small and mid-sized clients.

Administrative Support  Organizing, filing, mailings, phone answering, etc.

Bookkeeping  Individual or small business bookkeeping, account reconcilation, billing, payments, budgeting, financial statements, etc.

Payroll Services  A complete range of payroll administration services.

Insurance/Benefits  Insurance, 401K and other benefits sourcing and information.

Marketing Support  Through a combination of in-house capabilities and partnering with specialized marketing firms, we offer marketing services such as logo development, marketing planning & strategy, collateral development and advertisting.

Human Resources Support  We can provide all of your human resources support, employee manual development and compliance issue management.